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Automation and AI lead generation

We are a boutique style lead generation agency. Although small, we have a knack for getting real results. We are lead generation professionals who use their intuition and experience to acquire sustainable outcomes. Together, we search and find the best leads that we connect with on LinkedIn. Worldwide. Are these potential clients interested? Great! We’ll start the conversation with them. As soon as they’re ready, we’ll send them your way. This way, you’ll only start the conversation with warm leads. 

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Let’s create together

We use all our creativity when sourcing warm leads. And we do this together with you. We value an honest, open way of working where our communication is candid and transparent. Because our sole goal is to put you around the table with interesting potential clients. To do this, we’re using the most up-to-date technology:

Data scraping

There is a great amount of information online about your ideal prospects. Collecting this information manually would be too time consuming. With data scraping we automate the collection of interesting data for you and use that data for your next lead gen campaign.

LinkedIn automation

‘Automation’ does not mean ‘the same for everybody’. We adjust our approach based on what prospects you are seeking and initiate conversation based on who they are. By this, you’ll save a lot of time and we are able to personalise your campaigns. On top of that, we’ll share valuable insights of your campaigns with you. 

AI lead generation

Useful Artificial Intelligence evolved rapidly. We can use AI to take the important step from ‘personalisation’ to relevance’.  We will always include you in our processes so you know exactly what’s going on and what results you can get. 

4 steps to supreme leads

1. Your ideal client

You send us information about your ideal target group(s) and using our technology, we will source the digital world for the best potential clients. 

2. Drip & drop

Together we will create a personalised drip campaign that activates leads. This campaign will launch through your personal LinkedIn profile, dropping messages and connection requests with potential clients. 

3. Almost there

Let our lead generators do their magic! We will chat with leads from your campaigns and excite them for more. 

4. Gotcha!

We caught your leads’ interest. Now it’s time for you to schedule a meeting and deliver your sales pitch. Good luck!  

Learn how it works

Our Workflow

You’ve decided to work with LeadBlocks. Terrific! But how should you design your lead generation workflow?

During the kick-off we will discuss and advise on who within your organisation has the perfect profile for outreach and who is going to follow up on leads. The marketing department accompanies the process, shares input on target groups, messaging, content and so on. We will schedule a bi-weekly meeting together with the sales agent and a marketing representative to discuss your project’s progress. When a lead gets a ‘to check’ tag from our lead generators, your sales agent task is to follow up on this lead by phone or email. From our experience, we know this ‘triangle’ works best.

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Choose from our packages

We offer different packages to enable you to find a service that fits your organisation perfectly. 

Let’s do it together


We’ll teach you how to follow up on chats like a true lead generator. We’ll coach you during the whole process, segment your target group and help you create interesting but effective messaging. We take care of the process behind the scenes; you are in charge of your own chats. This package includes:

  • Hypersegmentation of your target group
  • Unlimited multi-step drip campaigns
  • No spammy messages but personalised texts for your leads
  • An organised inbox with chat option
  • A/B testing of campaigns



You are the king of the castle here. We’ll handle everything for you. Only in case of substantive questions or warm leads coming your way, we’ll contact you. This gives you more time to focus on other aspects of your business. The package includes:

Alle features of Let’s do it together, plus:

  • Personalised chats by our lead generators 
  • Real time insights in your campaigns with our Analytics Dashboard


Price on request

If you are ready to accelerate your sales game, this package is yours. Team work makes the dream work with this one, because here you are able to work together on your lead generation campaigns with multiple team mates. Benefits? We can connect with a lot more people! We’ll filter through all your leads, and only warm leads will be send your way. This package includes:

All features of Outsourcing, plus:

  • Option for multiple profiles, so you can boost the connection request rate and connect faster and on different business levels. 

Personalise your package with our extra options

Birthday campaigns

Send your best birthday wishes to your target group on their special day. Do they respond? Good! This is a great starting point to kick off the conversation.

CRM integration

Leads automatically in your CRM? We connect our API with all known systems and CRM’s.

Website visitor campaign

Don’t sleep on your website visitors! Re-target them through our website visitor campaigns.

Competition campaign

Surrounded by tough competition? We analyse their prospects and clients for you.

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Meet the team


Founder and Head of Sales

Laura has been in the business of generating leads for countless satisfied clients. She is the founder of LeadBlocks, and she is very well versed in everything concerning its setup and operation. As observed by our clients, Laura is always delighted to get you onboard the whole process. Her collaborative pace ensures you fully grasp your automation setup and begin to get desired results in no time. You are in the right hands 101% of the time.  

Motto – “There is a solution for everything if you look wide enough.”


Head of Operations and Customer Success

Jessy is called the numbers girl because she is a pro at data analytics. She analyzes raw data and gives refined figures concerning lead quality, potential, and other statistics needed to bring the best results. 

She also sets up A/B testing while putting final touches on personalized messages before they’re sent out. 

Motto – “An optimized campaign is one backed by accurate figures.” 


Online Presales

Alan is our literal representation of “the man who gets the job done.” He digs deep into the search engine generated leads, scans through LinkedIn profiles, and initiates chats. His detailed work ensures that your leads are properly warmed up for you. He is a professional who loves what he does. With him, you’ve got zero worries; your leads are definitely coming through. 


Online Presales

Kyra is our language and pre-sales expert with a proven track record of excellent performance. She employs proactive measures that ensure your LinkedIn leads get personalized messages always. These messages are optimized to speak directly to every lead. She has just the right words that make it much easier to filter and convert from cold to warm leads who are ready to be finalized. Her skills, diligence, and empathy work together to bring you nothing but the very best leads in your market. 

Here’s what our customers are saying

“Leadblocks has given my business a reliable, working system. The entire process has been fully personalized and tailored to reflect the nature of our brand. Now our campaigns bring results like never before!”

Natasja Jager

“With Leadblocks, cold calling tasks are off my to-do lists. This is perfect as it gives me more time to focus on other aspects of my business.”

Jean Richard Witteveen

“My partnership with Leadblocks has been one of the best decisions for my company. In 3 months, there were precise results which included 80 indirect and 16 direct warm leads. I’m optimistic about our future together.”

Cees Veerman


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